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Amazing! Your website is so simple to use... I am so happy with my purchase of necklace that I want to order a few more next month :) . Thank you for such prompt service and excellent quality. I would highly recommend you to anyone !
- Gabriella B.
Just bookmarked your website - it seems to have quite a unique and diverse selection of jewellery and the prices I like ! Will have to buy something now before the Friday arrives ! :)
- Valery
Thank you very much for quick delivery! Ordered at 2pm on Tuesday and got it on Wednesday early morning, also with the delivery being free - it's excellet value for money!
- Dolores P.
I've noticed that you are expanding your range of necklaces all the time. I've already bought 2 classic ones and wanted something edgy for now - needless to say that I have found exactly what I was looking for ! Keep it real !
- Bryony K.
My friend recommended your website to me and now I can see why ! I don't have to spend hours on the Internet just to find accessories for my next night out - any item in various styles could be found here. Keep it up, guys !
- Anamaria
Wanted to let you know how pleased I was to receive my order from you this morning ! It was very quick to arrive as I only ordered it yesterday morning. Thank you so much !
- Jena L.
Excellent website and easy to use ! I like your search by colour facility which was very helpful for finding all items in my sister's favourite green colour. Now she knows about your website also, so you will see her very soon there !
- Joe W.
Dear team at, let me express my fascination for your company! Every product was so clearly presented with many photographs of every item that one can rarely encounter elsewhere online. The full screen images were particularly amazing ! Now you have one more happy customer of yours that will be coming back very soon !
- Sarah S., Brighton
Thank you so much for all your help and prompt service. You are now in my list favourites and I know it won't be long before my next purchase !
- Loise N.
I must admit you have a really tasteful selection of products in various colours and styles. Search options are great and useful regardless of whether you know what you are looking for or just browsing. I've bought a really nice brooch which arrived quickly and looked exactly as on the photos ! If anyone asks where did I get it - the answer will be "" !
- Juliette
I just wanted to say THANK YOU ! Avalaya is amazing !!! The shipping was very quick and the choices of earrings were very diverse. I would very likely order from you again and will recommend you to all of my friends !
- Linda
I've asked my boyfriend to surprise me for our small occasion - and he did ! He bought me a really nice brooch which matches my new dress perfectly ! Needless to say I wanted to know where it comes from - so here I am ! Now will be ordering loads more myself ! Will not tell anyone about your website - want everything to myself (only joking ! :)
- Caroline
Just wanted to drop a quick message to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase. Found your website recently on Google and thought to give it a try as there are so many others that have something wrong about them, but yours truly stands out ! Search is really easy to use and I could pinpoint exactly what I wanted. My girlfriend was well chuffed with my choice of the pendant !
- Samuel J., London, UK
I have to admit I don't go shopping online very often and prefer to try things in the "real" shops, but after visiting your website it feels like I'm there and can see the item REALLY close even to the tiniest imperfection as it is always present, but nobody notices until you see it really close. Your jewellery range is really good and differs in a good way from other websites. I've just placed my order and already know what I will be ordering next (it's in my "wish list"). All the best !
- Maria M.
I am so happy of the jewellery items and the timeline within which I've received my order - thank you ! The ordering process was quick and easy with good product selection and easy to navigate through.
- Rebecca
I like the presentation of your website and all it's features: wish list, advanced search and gigantic photos that you have for the products - awesome ! Haven't seen a website quite like yours in a long time. If I need another jewellery item, you will be the first to hear from me ! :)
- Jean, California
Thank you guys for the great website ! I like everything about it: products, witty descriptions, photos (especially those full screen monsters :), ability to compare products (not always sure what you want) and of course the search by colour facility. Ordered yesterday a key ring and a pendant for my fiancee - they have arrived today which is very quick and what is more - the delivery was absolutely free ! Will surely come back again - tank you !
- Matthew C.
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