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Do you have a dress that is stunning, but does not go with any of your existing jewellery?

Or did someone give you a lovely necklace but you don't have any earrings to go with it?

Well, treat yourself at Avalaya Club Night Out Section to something that would match. Jewellery wardrobe highlights key pieces that can lift your wardrobe. Pick signature jewellery that would go with your existing clothes and you would be able to change your look, or glam up with a switch of accessories or jewels.

Diamante studded jewellery has become the very recent fashion statement. Organic stone to a semi precious stone, every gem stone is finding its place in the production of the jewellery items. Be it a gold-plated hoop earring with a tiny dangling diamond, or a necklace with an emerald studded pendant, or a ring with a large ruby; stones are making their come back as the essence of fashion zest. One stone piece jewellery has some how obtained a classic look. But the recent trend is to mix and match a whole array of different gem stones on a single piece of jewellery.

Ear Cuffs and Ear Wraps are the type of jewellery that is worn on the ear, but is different from the usual earrings. Some of the Ear Cuffs do not require any piercings and can be attached to the ear just with bendy clips. These Ear Cuff designs are usually very light and clip to the ear cartilage near the edge.

An interesting effect is achieved if an Ear Cuff has two attachments: one with a clip that goes on the ear cartilage, the other goes in like a usual pierced earring. The two ends are usually connected with a chain or a set of chains, featuring various additional design elements. Such similar styled Ear Cuff can also have one end with a comb, which can be attached onto hear, forming a "bridge" between ear and hair.

Ear Wraps usually secure with a wire that curves around the ear, in a fashion similar to some of the in-ear headphones. Ear Wraps could be of different size, but they tend to replicate the shape of an ear.

There is no clear definition of what designs can be called Ear Cuff and what Ear Wrap, there are a lot of deigns that fall somewhere in between.

Our exclusive range of Ear Cuffs will leave you spoiled for choice. This is the latest and by far the hottest trend in the world of fashion jewellery, currently popping up on the catwalks all over the world.

Ranging in different styles, materials and textures, our ear cuffs are a guaranteed to be an absolute head turner. Whether your ear cuff is plain or with dangles, they go on the same way: start at the top of the ear and slide down and push in over the cartilage. Then adjust them once, if needed so they barely fit over the cartilage at the middle of the ear. Just make sure they feel snug and secure. Suits you!

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