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These look like something straight out of a seventies craft book! Owl earrings are the IN thing this season - the understated, playful appeal will most definitely get you noticed. They are perfect for everyday wear or for a trendy night out.

Owls are the symbol of wisdom. Athena, the goddess of wisdom in ancient Greece, had the owl as a symbol. Owls were treated as goddesses in many cultures of the Old Europe. It's no wonder that now having an owl in any shape of form is considered to bring wisdom to the owner.

And what a good way to own such symbol of wisdom is to put it in your ears, where it is most noticeable to others. Avalaya has a wide selection of owl earrings to satisfy your particular style. There are funky and colourful owl earrings, there are crystal owl earrings, there are owls spreading their wings or sitting in their usual poised manner, there are large owl earrings and also the tiny owl studs.

The owls' wisdom is perceived through their dark coloured eyes which stare at you, seeing and knowing it all. Most of our owl earrings show large eyes with a black crystal in the middle, accentuating the depth of their wisdom.

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